Apps for Student Portfolios

Seesaw is an app that is called a Learning Journal. It is available for both iOS and Google Play. Students and the teacher can share the student’s work, photos, videos, drawings or anything from the camera roll with their parents or to create a portfolio of the student’s work. Seesaw consists of two different applications. Seesaw: The Learning Journal for teachers and students, and Seesaw Parent Access for parents. Teachers, students, and parents can use Seesaw on iOS and Android devices, Chromebooks and most other computers on the web. The class app can be used by both the teacher and the student. Parents only see their child’s work. Students can log in to their class with a QR code, text, or an email or google account if they use that. Students just scan their classroom QR code and get started. No usernames or passwords to forget. The Seesaw Parent app provides parents access to their child’s journal. It is available for free on iOS and Android. Teachers and students can use our iOS app, Android app, Chromebook app, or the Seesaw website on Chrome or Firefox browsers. Parents can access their child’s journal on the Seesaw website using any computer with a web browser. Parents can also receive SMS or email notifications about new items. Nothing is automatically shared without teacher approval.
Seesaw journals are organized by student and subject area. Journals are accessible from anywhere, on any iOS device or the Seesaw website. Teachers approve new items before they are added. One educator said,
“The introduction of the Seesaw app on our ten iPads in the classroom has been a complete ‘game changer’ for me as an educator. The application saves me countless hours, by not having to hassle with embed codes and files from other products we use. Sharing with families is now a few simple clicks, rather than multiple transfers between web pages and my classroom iPads.”

FreshGrade is another app for making learning visible. You can
capture, document and communicate learning via digital portfolios. There are three apps: one each for the teacher, student, and parent. The FreshGrade app allows teachers to quickly and easily capture artifacts of student learning while it happens – through pictures, videos, audio recordings, and anecdotal notes. Instantly tag individual students or groups of students, which automatically posts captured learning in the individual student ePortfolios and can be sent to parents or guardians for review. Teachers will also be able to send class-wide announcements, manage student profiles and monitor ePortfolio activity (parent views, comments, etc.).

Using the FreshGrade Parent App and FreshGrade Student App, students and parents are provided secure access to view, comment and even upload additional artifacts to the ePortfolio.

Engaged parents have a direct and positive impact on the successful development of a child. FreshGrade is empowering meaningful communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and parents through collaborative student digital portfolios. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that FreshGrade, “makes real-time learning assessment as easy as snapping selfies.”

These are only two of many apps available for student portfolios.  Here is a link to a site where these apps are listed with others.