Common Sense Graphite

Did you know the Common Sense Media has a website for teachers? It is called Graphite. It is a site by teachers, for teachers that help you find the best educational technology resources and learn the best practices for teaching. See which apps, games, and websites the editors selected for the Best Learning Tools of 2015. Find Out What Made the Cut! The best apps, the best games, the best websites, and hidden gems are revealed.

Graphite is a free platform from Common Sense Education that saves you time by making it easy to discover the best apps, games, and websites for your classroom. With thousands of reviews of tools such as Edmodo, Kahoot, ClassDojo, and LightSail, our community of educators take the guesswork out of finding innovative ways to transform your teaching practice.

Graphite is changing the way educators discover the best edtech tools by providing reviews written by teachers like you and experts in the field. On Graphite, you can learn best practices for teaching and connect with our growing community of educators. Enjoy and expand your love of teaching with Graphite.

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